Uniqlo stores in China will be the fastest in 2020 over Japan


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Uniqlo stores in China will be the fastest in 2020 over Japan

According to the Nikkei Chinese network news, as of the end of May,nike air max 90  fast fashion Uniqlo in China about 120 cities operating about 540 stores. According to the person in charge of business in China, Group senior executive director Pan Ning said UNIQLO shop in the past about 100 per year, but the next 2 to 3 years will further speed up the shop speed. Plans to increase to 1000 by 2020, on average, is expected to shop faster than the current increase of about 5 percent. At present,nike air max 2017 UNIQLO stores in Japan, about 840, long-term stagnation. Sales, the overall overseas sales are expected in a few years more than Japan.


In the Chinese mainland market, although UNIQLO in Shanghai and Beijing and other large cities opened a number of stores, but in the local city only stay in 1 to 2. In 2002, cheap cheap nike free run UNIQLO opened its first store in China, once in a bitter struggle, but its popularity is rising, so concentrated in the local shop. In addition, the Group also plans to further push the store to China's inland areas.

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