Lynx clothing spring and summer new fashion, to create 'quality crowd' upgrade strategy..


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Lynx clothing spring and summer new fashion, to create 'quality crowd' upgrade strategy..Lynx clothing spring and summer new fashion, to create 'quality crowd' upgrade strategy 3.19 ~ 3.23, Lynx clothing set off a wave of spring and summer tide, the user brings a new shopping experience and activities surprise. The new moon and summer women's spring and summer fashion, respectively, the global trend of a comprehensive interpretation of fashion, and through the three major service upgrades, online 3D virtual fitting, offline trendy field visits and other activities for users to convey a new fashion experience The 50 million consumer data interpretation of the trend of the trend of the day cat clothing and WGSN, jointly released '2017 days cat trend of the new fashion', the trend of the wind to the theme of 'all natural.' Theme through the days of cat 50 million consumer data validation, the depth of the interpretation of 'ecological sub-awakening' 'Night Digital Tide' 'Ordinary Utopia' 'Time Trader' four different subject categories. And from the days of cat goods in the selection of the most representative of the trend of the wind and the brand and commodity. At the same time to give users a precise trend of the guidelines, allowing users to purchase goods, the more practical reference. Lynx clothing with a number of limited number of sharp goods starting from 3.19, day cat ladies 'trend of goods' and 'quality venue' at the same time on the line, for users to offer a large number of fashion items. Careful users found that in this 2 venue in the emergence of a lot of big limit models, and bring the user a lot of benefits and activities surprise. In addition to online exciting activities, Lynx Women will lead the user to go to Tokyo cheap nike air max shoes, Japan, for users to offer the most fashionable Japanese fashion culture and street fashion records. The trend of the wind to lead the three new services to upgrade the new service - quality crowd upgrade service This day cat women not only for the brand and the user a new interpretation of the spring and summer 2017 trend; more important is to allow users to experience the spring and summer new fashion belt To the new service upgrade, this time for the quality of new services, including new packaging, new logistics and new experience. New packaging: spring and summer during the new fashion, the day cat women to do the first attempt to upgrade the packaging, the first wave of selection of 13 businesses, to the user to bring a new service upgrade experience, in the designated merchandise to buy goods will be with the day cat New fashion unified visual logo of the fine box nike air max shoes clearance. The new packaging is only the beginning, after the day cat clothing will continue to give users more surprises and experience. For the new packaging days cat is divided into two different styles of definition: 1. Routine users, days cat for the new fashion period, the purchase of designated business users, to provide a unified visual packaging exquisite packaging; 2.VIP users, some high-end brand Its VIP users to provide high-end exquisite packaging gift box, such a high-level custom gift box, to give its users a new shopping experience. New logistics: During the event, the participating merchants will pick out some lucky users in the quality consumer group, experience the experience of luxury gift-like delivery experience, while the concept of escalating the concept of logistics gradually implemented to more businesses, enhance the user experience Feelings. New experience: In this quality venue business shopping to reach the specified amount of users, will be equivalent to offline shopping VIP experience, Lynx clothing will be regularly sent to the user gifts, greeting cards, lucky users can also be invited to participate in business fashion week , Big show, salon and other activities under the line. The upgrading of these three major services for the quality of the user design the high-end scenes, and their lifestyle effective upgrade, so that quality users understand the latest trends at the same time, can enjoy the quality of service. For the day cat clothing, in the circle of this part of the user, while providing them with the appropriate line of activities, so that they experience the fun to the line. Online 3D virtual dressing - may be the world's best online test experience this day cat open smart online 3D virtual dressing room, to provide users with high-tech 'one key smart transfiguration' experience. Virtual dressing venue selection of 32 brands, each brand is well-known big, more than 1600 selected spring and summer with new models can try on-line. It is reported that a number of virtual exhibition site to participate in the internal high-level brands are: This is the world's best, the best virtual test experience nike air max 2017. Users enter their own measurements on the line, height, weight and other data, you can accurately match their own style, and choose their favorite style. According to the current data statistics, this 3D virtual dressing room is the user sticky and repeat the highest number of visits to the venue, per capita visits up to 21 minutes, users online time more than 40 minutes, per capita access to four brands, a user experience more than 20 Brand. In the future, Lynx for 3D virtual fitting will continue to upgrade and improve, to the user to create a more interesting, more realistic online virtual fitting experience. Tokyo street trend directs If the online dress is a smart start, that line under the trend of landmark selection guide, will give users an absolutely true fashion experience. Day cat women will lead the user to Asia's most fashionable landmark in Tokyo, allowing users to visit the Japanese hot tide shop, direct street fashion in Tokyo, and online red online interactive, fashion kol teach you how to buy a single product, and complete the most trend With the match. Users can watch the live at the same time, you can watch while buying, there are opportunities to get surprises Gifts. The new day for the quality of the crowd to provide a complete experience from the line to the line nike air max shoes wholesale, and in the service has a greater upgrade and quality improvement. This is perhaps the beginning of the strategy of the day cat 2017 innovation, we look forward to the next step more exciting interpretation of the cat.

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