A little carelessly change the prisoners of the striped shirt to...


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A little carelessly change the prisoners of the striped shirt to...A little carelessly change the prisoners of the striped shirt to wear clothing texture is not difficult The most classic striped shirt is often reminiscent of sailors retro jordan shoes cheap. In the striped shirt more than the sticks of the Brittany Peninsula, the French navy in a century ago wearing a street shot burst at work cheap nike air max shoes. The main reason for the selection of the navy uniforms is that it has a distinct identification in the vast sea. And when the identification of the transfer to the level of fashion, with the match is particularly important, after all, prison uniforms have the same degree of identification it. Touching or embarrassing, all to see how to take Pay attention to the accessories as the details of the canvas accessories to play the role of the psychological, is to make your eyes in a girl who stay for a while. Stripes of this classic paragraph with the attention should be attached to the design of a sense of ornaments air jordan shoes cheap, in order to take a long eye for a long time. Such as this ordinary horizontal stripes stitching, with a geometric stripes take a good look at the package. Geometric striped clutch bag This should be the 2013 filming, and then the python pattern elements seem to be popular, but this short hair girl made with a fresh stripes, the details of the jewelry package does not fall, so I stared at the long time. Python pattern elements with a seemingly simple nike air max 2017, lip color, hair color and handbags are added sub-items. Lip color hair and hand bag poisoned lips, Burberry burst bag to make white stripes look clean and have weight. Burberry burst bag bag flowers easier to market gas weight, stripes and slightly in the look. Stripes + flower skirt pig bag and red belt to save the ordinary striped shirt cheap jordans shoes, of course, the focus is still on the waist. Waist is good, the same package. Piggy bag red belt scarf with a smiley face bag is pretty quite France. Scarf + smiling bag at first glance that Rachel out wearing pajamas out, but fortunately there are pendant hand bag near the body. Pendant hand bag this pixel hand bag with the feeling of the cameraman is the picture of the red smile is not smiling. Pixel handbag if you do not wear this pair of flowers slippers, these two you will love to see it? Floral slippers

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